why we love and live for the barre

We love this video by Lululemon Athletica: what do you run for?


We feel the same way about the barre, and once you experience our classes starting October 31, we’d love to hear why you do the barre on our community/inspiration board in our studio.

Here are a few of our reasons for doing the barre:

  • for my health and longevity
  • it makes me happy to do something good for myself
  • I can’t believe the changes I’ve seen in my body: muscles I never knew I had (and I can see them!) I want to maintain that
  • for that amazing high after kicking (my own) butt in class
  • so that I can enjoy indulging in the delicious parts of life (apple pie, chocolate chip cookies…)
  • it keeps me sane
  • to reconnect with myself and feel pride in my strength
  • because it’s just fun

We can’t wait to hear why YOU do the barre!

You can view our schedule, pricing and sign up for classes now! Click the button on our website to go to our mindbody page: http://www.thebarrestudio.com/scheduling_pricing.html 

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