nature’s sour patch kids

I only recently discovered Goldenberries, a so-called “superfood” because of the incredibly health benefits it packs into its bite-sized form. Goldenberries go by many names, like the Inca Berry (guess who originally discovered these little nuggets) or gooseberry (my personal favorite, sounds like it’s from a storybook!) and have been cultivated in South America for centuries but are now grown in many areas around the world.

While they may look like oversized golden raisins, they taste nothing like it. They pack a surprising sweet-then-tart (incredibly tart!) flavor that is just slightly reminiscent of sour patch kids (probably not what the Incas had in mind but we do plan on bringing them to our next movie as much healthier sweet & sour fix!). But on to the benefits: with an incredibly high protein content for a fruit, the goldenberry also boasts a laundry list of vitamins: A, C, B1, B6, B12 and bioflavinoids or vitamin P (containing antiviral, anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, antihistamin and antioxidant qualities). PHEW! The berries also benefit your intestinal health and belong to the class of adaptogenic foods that are found to be very helpful in reducing the stress levels of the body, and unlike more common dried fruits, no sugar or preservatives are added, saving you unnecessary calories and chemicals. (Although we should mention – watch the serving sizes because like all natural dried fruits they do still contain those sugars and calories that are more quickly consumed since they’re dehydrated and reduced in size.)

We found Kopali Organics’ Goldenberries at our new Whole Foods in Minnetonka, and are going back to stock our pantry – they’re delicious on their own (if you enjoy the tartness), added to a homemade trail mix or tossed into a fruit smoothie.

However, if you’d come upon a goldenberry in its original “packaging”, it’s really quite exotic looking: covered in a husk likening its look to a tiny paper lantern growing on a vine.


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