Raising the barre: our philosophy

Since we are just a few days from opening (HOORAY!), we thought we’d take just a quick minute to tell you a little more about who we are at the barre, and what we stand for.

Step into our sun-drenched studio with 7 foot mirrors, cork floors, over 70 feet of barres and a brick-framed view of Lake Minnetonka (ahhhh…. no seriously, AHHH! it’s amazing if we do say so ourselves!) and you may not initially notice our closet or what’s in it.

Before class begins, though, and you reach for your 1 lb, 3 lb, maybe even 5 lb weights, you’ll notice something: they’re identical in color – you’ll need to read the marked poundage on them to select your weight. “So what?” you might say…they may just seem like all black weights to you – but to us, they represent much more than that: they were hand selected, like every other touch in our studio, to represent our philosophy.

We are a non-competitive, supportive group exercise environment. There is no space for those group fitness goers who turn class into a competition. You know the type, they check out your weights and grab 1 lb more, they’ll sink their seat one inch lower than you and do one more push-up (these are the same gym goers who peek over your shoulder at your treadmill speed and begin a treadmill race, ugh).

However, at the barre, we have created an environment that you can feel comfortable in – our sole focus ALWAYS will be to help you get exactly what you want out of class: it’s your own personal journey. It doesn’t matter what the person next to you in class is doing, and it shouldn’t matter to them what you are doing – we encourage you to focus on yourself. As such, rather than having weights that are colored by how heavy they are, we chose to have weights of all one color – therefore no one knows if you are pumping iron in class with 2 pounds or 5 pounds (by the way, if you are able to endure our 10 minute upper body series with 5 pound weights – kudos to you!) .
 That’s part of the beauty of the barre – listen throughout class and you will hear modification options and challenges – they’re there for you to take or leave! YOU can adjust class to YOUR level as we go, without affecting anyone around you! It’s the perfect environment to start your growth journey, and push yourself harder each week to incrementally build your strength. Stick with us, and you will soon not believe what you are capable of.

Join us next week in class, and let’s begin our journey together. We want to raise the barre on our standards, and hope to inspire you to reach higher and think bigger – let’s live an extraordinary life! After all, why live ordinary!?

You can sign up for classes and view our schedule here!

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