the scoop: what you need to know before your first class

Happy Friday, everyone!!

It is a happy Friday indeed here at the barre, as it’s the last one where our fabulous studio goes it alone: it’s finally ready to be entered for some serious sculpting, toning & burning… and GaGa, of course!
 We get a lot of questions about what to expect and what you need to bring to your first class, so we wanted to take a minute to give you the low-down since classes begin Monday!

Basically, we wanted to make it easy for you: just bring yourself, we’ll provide the rest! Before class you can leave your personal belongings in our lockers and we even have locks & keys, just in case. Grab a towel if you want one (no charge, of course) and leave your shoes in the locker room – no shoes necessary upstairs!

Continue up the stairs to our top level and you will enter our reception & lounge – plan on coming a little early to look around and have some yummy tea or ice water infused with our fruit of the day, and so we can get to know you! You’ll need to fill out our client information form, of course, but we also can’t wait to get to know all of the wonderful people who are as excited about the barre as we are!

For attire, nothing special is necessary (although we did get asked once if leotards are necessary! They’re not by the way…but by all means if you want to go total Black Swan – bring it on!!) – comfort is key, as long as you feel comfortable moving in it, you’ll be good! Try not to wear anything too loose fitting, as we put an emphasis on posture and alignment in our classes, so our instructors need to be able to see your form. Expect a few hands-on adjustments, and just let us know before class if you’d rather not.

Remember – socks are required in our studio! This is the case in all traditional barre studios you will see all around in the country: our special grippy socks really help you keep your positioning through class (plus it’s just more sanitary!). While grippy socks are not required (you can totally wear your own regular athletic socks), we would recommend them because the grips do make a huge difference. Plus, they’re SUPER cute 🙂

Once it’s class time, we’ll provide all of the “equipment”: all you will use is a mat, exercise ball, light hand weights and stretch bands. And the ballet barre, of course! You can bring a water bottle or we have bottled water & iced tea available for purchase; but we do ask that you don’t bring the cups of water into the studio – our floor guys told us our cork floor is so porous (we chose it for that very reason: support, comfort & it holds heat well, easy on the joints!) that it will gulp up any spills…and proceed to buckle! No, thanks!

Class begins: get ready for one hour of YOU time! We’ll move through all of the major muscle groups in the body, burning crazy calories, toning and sculpting – and having FUN doing it! Just listen for modifications or challenges, and remember – we encourage you to take breaks whenever you body tells you to. No need for intimidation – our barre classes are really tough, and we know that – just know that you’ll build your strength incrementally and all you can do is try your hardest: do what you can with what you’ve got! You will grow and progress each week – and that’s the magical part! Soon you will have muscles you never knew you had and be rocking it in class! Although…we do say: class never gets easier, you just get better. Definitely still expect to be getting your butt kicked a few months (we still do a few years in!! but that’s why we love it – you’ll never plateau!)

We absolutely cannot wait to see each and every one of you next week and in the weeks and months that follow – we feel so lucky to have the opportunity to be sharing our passion with our fabulous community of Wayzata.

See you at the barre!

If you didn’t sign up yet, never fear! You can do so here.

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