Want to reach your goals? Don’t worry, be HAPPY!

Whatever your goal may be when coming to the barre – if it’s just to get yourself moving, to lose weight, see a tricep muscle or stand taller – research shows that reaching our fitness goals is not only a physical journey, it’s a psychological one, as well.

We have all heard that a positive attitude is important in our lives – we know that if you can find a way to make yourself happy at work, it will increase your success rate exponentially – and the same is true with your fitness goals! While coming to the barre or just getting yourself moving is the first step, it needs to be within a certain frame of mind:

Reach your fitness goals by being HAPPY!

1. Develop a positive mindset: most people tend to think “I’ll be happy once I reach my goal”, whether it be weight loss or muscle defining…but that attitude is actually getting in the way of reaching your goals. Why? It is telling you that you are not happy right now – and happiness needs to come first!

The good news is that exercise is actually one of the best and quickest ways to improve your mood – so it can be a wonderful cycle for you! As we have discussed, exercise increases the number of endorphins you experience and decreases your cortisol levels (stress hormones). After a great sweat session, you will feel happier already – encouraging you on your path!

2. Choose your words wisely: It’s important to realize how you speak about exercise and dieting – and this can be a great way to “trick” your mind into find happiness and satisfaction with where you are right now – launching you to reach your goals sooner!

If you frame things in a negative way, you’re actually decreases your success rates while doing that task. Rather than focusing on “I hate my love handles” or “I’ll never look like women on the covers of magazines”, focus on the positive: “I felt stronger today at the barre and was able to push a little harder, that’s progress!”, “I feel myself standing taller and prouder”, “Just by coming here I’m already on my way to reaching my goals!” Or when facing your diet decisions, rather than “I can’t have the cheeseburger and fries that I love”, say “I can’t wait to eat this salad!” Verbalizing, even if it makes you feel silly, will help convince your brain.

3. Be mindful when exercising: being mindful of what you are doing can help increase your success rate! Studies have found that meditating or focusing on the muscle you are working can increase the strength you build drastically.

The good news is that you know at the barre, we are always “sending the mind to the muscle” to focus exactly on the movement we are making and the muscle we are working!

4. Fake it ‘til you feel it: When you smile (whether it’s forced or not!), your brain releases dopamine, a chemical which raises your levels of happiness! It may seem silly, but science tells us that it WILL start to make you feel happier!

If you can increase your happiness RIGHT NOW, it will increase your chance at achieving your goals in the future. What better time of year to make this mindful change – being thankful for what you have and those around you certainly can make you smile, not forced 🙂

Thanks to FitSugar TV for the segment and doctors teaching us this wonderful info!

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