the barre’s typical blog handler is pleased to have a guest blogger today, another member of the barre team who is here to educate us on something that I, frankly, knew nothing about until today – but I’m so excited to try this out! Take it away…

If I say the word “Kombucha” to you, you may be inclined to respond, “why, bless you!”  And while I would thank you, I would also let you know that I had not, in fact, sneezed… I had simply been mentioning the latest health-seekers delight in beverage form: fermented tea. Yes, fermented tea!

Introducing Kombucha (pronounced “com-boo-ka”): an antioxidant powerhouse by way of fizzy, fermented tea beverage (a process that takes Kombucha culture and ferments it with sweetened green or black tea) that has been floating around health food stores and Whole Foods Markets for the past few years and has recently become more “main-stream” – and catching my eye and taste buds.

While the origins of the fermenting tea in this way are not completely known, they’re certainly ancient – and Kombucha is a tea drank around the world, going by many names: Manchurian Tea, Manchu Fungus, Tea Kvass, Mo-Gu Fungus japonicus, or Kwassan. With its apple cider taste, it’s certainly delicious – but also packs nutritional benefits: probiotics improving digestion, better skin, stronger immunity, anti-aging and overall increased energy.

There are many brands offering Kombucha, but I’ve been tending to prefer SynergyOrganic Raw in Mystic Mango…it’s so refreshing! As always, it’s important to know what you’re drinking: with Synergy you have the choice of 100% Organic Raw Kombucha or 95% Raw Organic Kombucha + 5% real fruit juice (as with the Mystic Mango) – so the mixed variety packs more sugar and should be consumed as a treat!

This miracle drink is a fabulous ” bounce back “option from a long and really fun weekend of overindulging – not that that happens at all this time of year 😉 – so I like to start my week off with one Multi-Green on Monday morning and kick off my week right with clean and raw eating!


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