Clean up your face’s act!

So pleased to be featured our fabulous guest blogger again today, here to give us some recommendations on her area of expertise: skin care!

Raise your hand if you ever flipped through a magazine and thought it would be the greatest idea to rip out and save an article or recipe for homemade facials, masks, scrubs, etc., thinking that an at home spa night in with your best girlfriends would be so relaxing, invigorating, and a total hoot! I have totally done that! Only to find that after raiding my kitchen I had 2 out of the 7 ingredients we needed, which caused us to opt out of our au natural option and head straight toward our ready to go products in the medicine cabinet.

If you haven’t tried an at home alternative, I recommend that you do! Here’s why:

Going all au naturel with what you use for your face does wonders for your skin.  It transforms, invigorates, heals, brightens, smoothens, exfoliates and most importantly hydrates. How? For example, Turmeric (an ingredient that I’m sure you have in your pantry) has natural cleansing properties and makes the skin appear more radiant and smooth. And did you know Gingko Biloba stimulates circulation to give you a vibrant rosy complexion?

Here are a few other simple ingredients that can do wonders:

–      Oatmeal: Soothes dry, irritated skin
–       Cucumber, Yogurt, Avocado & Honey: Moisturizes
–       Aloe Vera: Moisturizes, helps protect skin from the suns UV radiation.
–       Jojoba: An antioxidant, also moisturizes
–       Tea tree: Treats acne and oily skin
–       Kaolin & Clay: Cleanses pores in oily skin
–       Raw sugar & Honey: Amazing exfoliates
–       Soy: Is a rejuvenator

 You might say, okay – but I could just as easily buy facial masks at Target -why spend the time making my own? I’m glad you asked! To put it simple: making your own beauty products keeps harmful chemicals off your skin. Beauty products don’t have to list their ingredients, and doing a little research uncovers that they contain phthalates, formaldehyde, parabens and chemicals such as these:

–       Proyl-, butyl-, and ethyl- paraben
–       Diethanolanine (DEA) & Triethanolamine (TEA)
–       Diazolidinyl urea & imidazolidinyl urea
–       Sodium lauryl/laurentn Sulfate
–       Petrolatum
–       Propylene glycol

OK!!! REALLY?! I can’t even pronounce any of these…and they are found in my skincare products?? WOW: no thank you!

Here are my 2 Favorite Masks (and don’t worry, they’re super easy):

 1) Tightening & Toning Lemon Egg White Mask
Makes 1 Application

Juice from ½ a Lemon
1 Egg White

– Beat together for 3 minutes
– Apply directly to your face, avoiding eyes
– Leave on for 30 minutes
– Rinse with warm water

2) Revitalizing Cucumber, Avocado and Egg White Face Mask
Makes 1 Application

½ cup of Cucumber
½ cup of Avocado
1 egg white
2 tsp. powdered milk

– Combine all ingredients in a blender until a smooth paste forms
– Apply mask to your face & neck using circular upward movements (TIP: a make upfoundation brush helps with application too)
– Leave mask on for 30 minutes or until dry
– Rinse face/neck with warm water and finish with a cold water rinse

A few great references for more natural facial ideas are Natural Health Magazine and Women’s Health Magazine!



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