New Year, New Habits: Top 10 habits of “skinny” people

And when we say skinny, we mean folks at a healthy body weight for their frame. The ladies over at have pulled together the top 10 habits generally found in those women living a healthy lifestyle to maintain their healthy weight.

As we approach the new year, which seems full of possibility (as it should!), many of us are thinking of ways we’d like to live differently and goals we’d like to achieve. Keeping habits like these top of mind can be helpful in either reaching goals you have set for yourself or guiding a path if you’d like to incorporate healthier habits into your lifestyle. The beauty is that none of these are earth-shattering or incredibly drastic, which is what makes them achievable. Slowly incorporating small changes into our lives can, over time, lead to dramatic health results!

Here are the top 10 habits found in “skinny” healthy people:

1. They wake up early: healthy people maintain a normal sleep schedule and get enough sleep: they go to bed early and wake up early, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated – and the extra hours in the day also gives them more time to be active and get their metabolism moving in the morning!

2. They exercise before dinner: Although exercising ANY time of day that works for you is most important (because it means you are getting your workout in!), exercising earlier in the day (and the associated metabolism boost directly after) can be more beneficial for you.

3. They stay positive: As we’ve discussed before, having a healthy, positive outlook on life is one of the main determining factors on how you live and how your life will turn out – and help you live happier and longer.

4. They eat their veggies: Skinny people stay skinny by eating vitamin rich, low calorie vegetables as a part of every meal, and as snacks – everyday.  They also know that green vegetables are the best, full of vitamins, nutrients and immune boosting magic.

5. They set goals: Healthy people always strive to better themselves and in order to know what you are moving towards, rather than live aimlessly, it’s necessary to set goals. Put it on paper, both near and long term, to make it more concrete. Once a goal is met, add a new one!

6. They learn: Skinny people are constantly learning about nutrition and fitness.  They educate themselves on the best way to be healthy, whether it’s by reading magazines, blogs or surrounding themselves with like-minded friends to facilitate discussions.  Constant learning strengthens the body and not just the mind.

7. They have hobbies: It doesn’t matter what it is – reading, blogging, walking – healthy people stay busy, and hobbies help this tremendously, as does taking a small amount of “you” time.

8. They meditate: Healthy people control their thoughts, rather than letting their thoughts control them – and meditation is one of the top ways to make this happen.

9. They stretch: Stretching everyday helps keep your muscles strong, body limber and you feeling healthier.

10. They say no: And they aren’t hesitant about it. Temptations surround us, but staying strong in your resolve toward yourself and your goals should remain most important: knowing when to say no to fatty foods and unhealthy behaviors (although also realizing that time to time indulgence doesn’t warrant guilt – but a simple acknowledgment and moving on!)

To see the whole article, click here!


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