20 little ways to burn 100 calories, without even trying!

As you can tell in this new year, we’re all about the little steps, the little things you can do to add up to big changes – rather than attempting lifestyle overhauls that aren’t bound to stick more than a few weeks.

We’ve talked about little diet changes – how about little things you can do, little ways you can move – to burn 100 calories without even realizing it!

Shape Magazine displays a list of 20 things that are pretty easy to slowly work into our home & work life, to get a little extra oomph out of your calorie expenditure!

1. Cook: 40 minutes spent chopping, dicing and sautéing (not to mention cleaning up) burns off up to 128 extra calories before you eat!

2. Dance: Spend just 20 minutes shaking it with your kids (need some inspiration? try a dance video game) and you could burn off 107 calories!



3. Scrub the tub: Put in 25 minutes cleaning the bathrooms of your house and you’ll say goodbye to soap scum and 107 calories.

4. Tap your creative instincts: Bored at home? Turn off the TV or computer and try painting. Paint your bedroom a new color, or try your hand at some artistic expression on a canvas. Either way, you’ll burn around 120 calories for 35 minutes worth of brush strokes.

5. Get down and dirty: Is the floor in your kitchen, bathroom, or living room in need of a good cleaning? Spend just 15 minutes scrubbing them and you’ll zap 115 calories and brighten up your home in the process.

6. Hang art: Take 30 minutes to hang up those paintings or photos you’ve got in the back of your closet or around the house. You’ll give your home an inexpensive mini-makeover and burn off an extra 107 calories in the process.

7. Suck it up: Vacuum your rugs for 35 minutes to sweep away an extra 100 calories (bonus: draw your abs in tight while you push the vacuum around to engage your core muscles while you clean).

8. Stand up: Spend 40 minutes of your day (you can break this up into 4, 10 minute bouts) standing, not sitting, at your desk to burn off an extra 100 calories at the office. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

9. Just move more: Instead of sending that email or text, walk over to your co-worker’s desk to ask a question. Need copies made? Take a trip to the photocopier and make them yourself. Headed to the restroom? Take an extra lap around the office before going in.

All these extra steps add up—just 40 minutes of extra walking during your workday translates into 119 extra calories burned. It’s like that afternoon latte never even existed!

10. Take the stairs: Swap stairs for elevators, and spending only 15 minutes (that’s just three 5-minute trips) out of your entire workday stepping up can burn off 116 calories.

11. Organize: Before you check your email in the morning, spend 30 minutes organizing and cleaning your desktop. It’s a great way to start your workday—streamlining and eliminating an extra 120 calories.

12. Sneak in some isometrics: Spend 5 minutes out of every hour before lunch doing some sneaky isometric exercises (like squeezing your glutes and your knees together and holding for 8 counts, then releasing) at your desk to burn off around 100 calories before your lunchbreak.

13. Find 10 minutes to jump rope: Instead of sipping an afternoon coffee, get some fresh air and have a little fun to boost your energy and burn calories. Jumping rope for just 10 minutes will get your heart pumping, help you refocus mentally, and burn off about 107 calories.

14. Skip the office candy bowl: The easiest way to burn off 100 calories? Don’t eat them in the first place! Quit your candy habit (one large handful of M&M’s is about 100 calories) to easily eliminate 100 calories—or more—during your workday.

15. Fidget more: According to Mayo Clinic research, fidgeting (tapping your foot, playing with your hair, etc.) could help you burn an extra 100-150 calories per hour.

16. Reap the rewards of your workout: Research indicates that every pound of lean muscle you have can help you burn off an extra 30-50 calories per day at rest. So be sure to incorporate weight training into your workout routine—put on 4 pounds of lean muscle to guarantee you’ll burn an extra 100 calories a day just sitting at your desk!

17. Shop: Spend 30 minutes searching the racks and trying on clothes to burn off at least 100 calories (you don’t even have to buy anything!)

18. Laugh it up: Some studies show that spending at least 20 minutes of your day laughing can help you chuckle away 100 extra calories and boost your mood in the process. (And no, you don’t have to laugh for 20 minutes in a row, short bursts of authentic laughter all add up).

19. Carry a basket: Heading into the grocery store? Pick up a basket instead of a cart and burn off 100 calories during your 30-minute shopping trip.

20. Park away from the entrance: An oldie, but goodie, this tip remains a great way to zap calories. As long as it’s safe, park your car as far away from the entrance as possible to sneak in extra steps during your day. Add an extra lap around the perimeter of the store, and five shopping stops later, you’ll be down 100 calories.

All calorie expenditures were calculated based on 150 pound woman, using SHAPE’s Calorie Burn Tool.

To see the whole slideshow, click here!


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