How to lose weight on a busy schedule

We hear all the time that it’s so hard to get into a routine of coming to the barre or exercising of any kind – with work, kids, family, and everything else that’s going on in our lives, it really can be hard to get away for an hour/day! realizes this and came up with a fool-proof plan for long weight on a busy schedule – because after all, literally nothing is more important than your health, so finding a way to make time for it should (and can be!) a priority!

1. Schedule your workouts: Take a few minutes out of your Sunday to add your weekly workout schedule to your planner or calendar – figuring out when you can make the time and scheduling it – just like you would make the time and schedule lunch with a friend – makes all the difference. Even better? Find a group class and sign up online, telling yourself you cannot cancel. We hear time and again from our clients that this is the best way they’ve found to get them to stick to their workouts and hold themselves accountable. Schedule your workouts at the barre here!

2. Track your calories: There are tons of online tools or apps that can make tracking your calories much easier than the old pen and paper way. Find whatever works best for you – if it’s inconvenient to track, you probably won’t use it – and leave hundreds of calories unaccounted for. One of the biggest benefits of tracking calories is that it can teach you a little more about portion control – we often underestimate how much we feed ourselves, so becoming accountable to tracking the actual size can bring us back to reality!

Some of the best:
Livestrong calorie tracker:


3. Plan (and prep) your meals: We’re seeing the theme here – planning out your healthy meals for the week and taking the time to prep the ingredients will make a healthy meal within reach all week. Spend just one hour prepping ingredients on Sunday so that you have easy options to throw together all week – and know that having your home-cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner can be the first, big step to weight loss: you control everything that goes into your body – and it gets rid of the excuse that you don’t have time…so the ordered pizza was really your only option! 🙂

Here’s a great example of prepping for the week – celebrity trainer Kathy Kaehler’s easy plan that help busy actress Tiffani Thiessen drop 45 pounds!

4. Keep healthy foods visible: If you have a bowl of fresh fruit out on your counter, it will increase your chances that when hunger strikes, that will be the first thing you reach for rather than going for the snacks in the pantry. It also helps that most of us hate to see fresh fruit go to waste – so buy your fruit early in the week that will be a daily portion or two, and chances are you’ll eat it by the end of the week since it’s in sight and you won’t want to throw it away!

5. Plan workout dates with others: Whether its meeting a friend at the barre or catching up by going for a power walk rather than meeting for lunch, having a buddy to rely on and make you accountable can be a huge encouraging factor!

6. Get a weekend workout in: If you miss a workout during your busy weekdays, make up for it on the weekend! Or better yet, always plan a Saturday morning workout whether you need to make up for a missed session or not – starting your weekend out on the healthy foot by taking time for yourself and exercising can encourage you to make healthier choices through the rest of your weekend and also help you feel stress-free: you got your workout in!

To see the full slideshow on, go here!


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