Brewed Cocoa: the hottest new fat burning drink you probably haven’t heard of!

And if you haven’t heard of it, you’re missing out (don’t worry, it was only recently brought to my attention….but I am now obsessed!).

Brewed cocoa is the latest buzz in the health world, is starting to take Hollywood by storm and is finally making its cross-over to us regular folks.  Marie Claire, Food Network Mag and Life & Style magazine are all mentioning the buzz, including that celebs like Carmen Electra are drinking my favorite variety, Crio Bru, not only for its fat burning properties but for its antioxidants and minerals .

So what exactly is “brewed cocoa”? It actually is just what it sounds like: roasted and ground cocoa (cacao) beans that you then brew just like coffee, resulting in a piping mug of something incredibly similar to delicious hot chocolate! The incredible health benefits, then, are hidden in the cocoa beans – the brew is made 100% with roasted from premium cocoa beans, one of nature’s superfoods, offering high antioxidant value, mineral benefits and natural energy. Doctors and dieticians have espoused the benefits of dark chocolate for years, teaching us that the cacoa beans used to make this healthy chocolate can become a critical part of a healthy diet – but usually we have to eat all of the calories and sugar associated with the dark chocolate to make our way to the beans – no longer!

Aside from being totally delicious and satiating your chocolate cravings (yes!!) with about 20 calories in a whole mug (oh, and 0 fat!) – brewed cocoa has a laundry list of benefits that you can’t miss out on:

  • boost your immune system with antioxidants
  • increase energy naturally with theobromine (not caffeine!)
  • curb your appetite to help lose weight
  • support your heart, brain and bones with magnesium
  • maintain healthy blood sugar levels with chromium and zinc
  • feel better, reduce stress, even sleep better: an endorphin or “bliss chemical” called anadamide is produced by our body after exercise that makes us feel great has only been found in one plant – cacao!

Check out more details on benefits here.

Dr. Oz even recently featured brewed cocoa as one of the top 4 ways to burn fat faster, saying “This is a really cool idea. I think this is something really worth trying. Here’s what I love about it. It’s why it can help you burn fat faster. It has a natural stimulant, not caffeine, called theobromine that can boost your metabolism. It’s very safe. It also has a fat blocker. It helps get rid of the fat in your body by blocking an enzyme you need to digest fat, so you never absorb the fat into your body.” – you can check out the video here!

Interested in trying it out? Beans can be purchased online for about $12-$20 (one bag makes up to 40 servings), and you can brew either in a regular coffee maker or in a french press (my personal choice). Check out a couple options below.

Crio Bru


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