Spring Break on its way! Ready or not – think about getting your beach body now!

The fantastic news is that Spring is finally around the corner! If you’re lucky enough to be taking a Spring Break vaca this year, with the kids or just yourself, how fabulous! However, it can be a bit of a rude awakening…going from your thick winter sweater that covers everything into a bathing suit on the beach…and most of us probably sustain a few extra pounds in the winter anyways. For warmth, right? Never fear – it’s only February, and if you think about it now, you can start making good decisions and a plan to get yourself where you want to be – whether it’s for Spring Break or have simply had enough of your additional winter bulk – let’s come up with a plan for the changes you want to see!

The ladies over at Fitsugar.com have come up with a simple 3-step plan to take action.

1. Give yourself time: It’s tempting to wait, it’s only February and still chilly out, after all…but no! Think about it now! Don’t put the pressure on yourself a week or two before – not only are master cleanses not exactly effective in the long run they’re not an incredibly fun lead up to your vacation!

Fit Sugar says: “Give yourself plenty of time to get in shape,” says Katie Conti, fitness expert from The Sports Club/LA. “If you’ve been sitting around all winter, your body is not going to just snap back into shape in a couple of weeks. Give yourself about six to eight weeks of training before you expect to see any significant results. Your body will need that time to adapt to the added stress of exercise and make the appropriate physiological changes.”

2. Make a game plan: We talked just last week about the importance and effectiveness of having a plan to help yourself eat healthy and make a workout routine if you’re busy – we simply cannot be relied on in a pinch to grab for a healthy snack or fit in an “unexpected” workout: no way! We need to make our game plan for healthy eating, prepping our food and having the healthy options around – and mapping out your workout routine and how you are going to fit your workouts into your busy schedule and don’t allow yourself to compromise! Treat your planned workouts like dates you cannot break! Conti recommends a combination of resistance and cardio training: at the barre, we always recommend 3-4 visits per week for optimal results and Fit Sugar concurs: strength train at least 3x per week and add cardio on your days off – as it starts to get warmer out, remember that it will only get easier to go for a brisk walk with a friend or run with the dog!

3. Ease into your intense exercise routine: You don’t want to burn out, because while we may be using a shorter-term goal to jump start your weight loss or toning routine, it really should be about your long term health, and starting to make your healthy habits that will carry you through the rest of the summer! If you launch full-force into exercising 7x per week or an 8 mile run, you just might burn yourself out – or if we are talking cardio, sustain an injury. (that’s the beauty of the barre, you know you can push yourself without risking injury – we love the sustainability…but you still don’t want to burn your mind out!!)

To read the full article on fit sugar.com by the fit sugar community, click here!


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