How to avoid the “warmer weather weight gain”

Sounds kind of oxymoronic, right? Most of us spend more time outdoors being active as the weather warms, which would be a natural correlation to weighing less. While it’s true that most of us do pack on “winter weight”, and spend more time outdoors burning additional calories as the weather warms, our friends over at Fit Sugar point out that there are some pitfalls to keep in mind to keep your healthy new years trend (after all, we’re only 2 1/2 months in and hopefully still going strong!) going!

Keep in mind:

1. I’ll swap my gym workout for a walk in the sun: while it’s a great idea to get outside more, take the dog for a longer walk and catch up with friends – it’s not a great idea to swap your gym workout with said leisurely walk. You’re not burning nearly as many calories or getting your heart rate up much – so swap it for a run, or think of the increased walks as “bonus” calorie burns that come with the warmer weather, in addition to your gym workout routine!

2. Ahh, enjoying a relaxing meal on the outdoor patios: downtown Wayzata is hopping right now with sidewalk dining, and it’s a fabulous idea to join in! However, it’s important to remember that eating out more and taking a more leisurely time doing it, watching the boats on the lake, leads to more courses that someone else is preparing for you…making it more difficult to keep your calorie count in check! By all means – enjoy the weather outside, but keep one eye on not overindulging…too much 🙂

3. It’s so nice out, I need a cold beverage! Swapping your tea or coffee for an iced skinny latte is one thing (keeping in mind it’s a couple hundred calories additional there alone), but it becomes increasingly tempting to enjoy purchased fruit smoothies, sugary lemonade or frozen drinks with your meals (the real culprit here, helping you gulp down hundreds of calories in no time!) Rather than add calories in your beverages, choose lighter refreshments like crisp seltzers, water with a lime twist or wine spritzer!

4. Enjoying a salad: while in general, this is a great meal decision to make, it’s important to remember that our friend, the salad, tends to hide sneaky high-calorie ingredients in its healthy greens, especially when ordered at a restaurant! Watch out for creamy dressings, bacon, cheese, nuts and dried fruit – while the latter are fine when eaten in moderation, put them all together and you could be enjoying a juicy burger for the same calories!

5. It’s 7:30 and still light out! It is such a nice change to feel like you have gained more time in your day – but the later we stay up the more tempted we become to indulge in some late night snacking! Plan ahead with healthy snacks you can have around, should the mood strike!

By all means, get outside, enjoy a drink on the patio with friends and take the dog for a nice long walk – that’s what we love about spring and summer, after all! These are just some helpful tips to keep in the back of your mind to keep you on track towards your goals!

To see the full story, click here!


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