No excuses: secrets to protect your hair color from workout wear & tear

The nice thing about the barre is we don’t sweat too incredibly much, but even so – regularly workout out, while the healthiest thing you can do for your body and mind, can take a serious toll on your hair (which is a problem, of course, as most of us spend the beaucoup bucks on our hair color!). In our effort to be excuse-free (because we’ve all considered “ugh, I don’t want to do my hair again after my workout” or “it’s going to lose its color if I wash it all the time from working out” as an option to opt-out of our workout!), Fitness Magazine has pulled together the top 5 ways to protect your hair color through your workout routine – so we get the best of both worlds: maintain your workout and maintain your ‘do!

  1. Time it. Schedule your workouts for the time of day you like to shower, or if restricted by a class schedule, plan your shower around your favorite workout time whether it’s morning or eveningso you don’t have to wash your hair twice in one day, because every additional wash takes its toll on your hair’s color, fading over time.
  2. Be protective. As summer comes – or as your kids’ swim lessons continue, make sure you protect your hair before jumping into chlorinated water. How? Simply wet your hair! Fitness mag tells us “Getting it wet with regular water will help prevent some of the chlorine from getting into your hair. Studies have shown that color-treated hair is more susceptible to cuticle damage from chlorine, probably because it’s more porous. Also try applying a coat of conditioner to your wet strands before putting on your swim cap for extra defense.”
  3. Made in the shade. As this fabulous early spring arrives, it’s almost impossible not to take time in the sun. Sun bleaches and affects everyone’s colored hair differently, so to protect your locks, grab a hat or bandana to keep them in the shade! Fitness mag tells us that unfortunately, “SPF-type protection for hair is still a work in progress, since strands function very differently from skin,” so covering up is still our only option!
  4. Feel the heat. Protect your hair from the heat, whatever your typical routine is. Fitness mag tells us “If you reach for a blowdryer, flat iron or curling iron after your workouts, spritz on a heat-protecting mist before styling, as high temps can sap hair color as well. Colored hair is already at a disadvantage against hot tools because the invisible protective F-layer is removed in the coloring process.”
  5. Get a boost. Do a little at-home upkeep in between appointments, if your hair loses that shine (or roots start to show through). Although I always tread lightly with the at-home treatments, but the experts at Fitness mag recommend picking up a box of demi-permanent color like Natural Instincts in a shade that matches your current one: It will act like a pro gloss treatment to refresh and adjust the tone of your hair color and the antioxidants in the formula will help keep your hue true.

To see the full article, go here!


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