Add spice to your life, for your health!

Spice admittedly makes most thing better, transforming ordinary meals into the absolutely extraordinary. Truly, adding spices can be extraordinary for both your health and waistline, as well!

We recently cited on our Facebook page that “strong food aromas can actually hep you eat 5-10% less of a meal, reports recent research in the journal Flavour. Turns out, people might unconsciously take smaller bites to regulate the amount of flavor they experience. When cooking at home, add flavor and aroma via herbs for an essentially calorie-free (and sodium-free) way to possibly trick yourself into eating less but feeling satisfied!” In addition to helping you consumer fewer calories, various spices actually offer specific health benefits.

We’re discussing a few of the superstars here, both the amazing benefits you could reap and how to use them:


  • potential to lower your risk of diabetes
  • help improve memory
  • lower your levels of blood sugar (back to its potential to be a fighter of prediabetes conditions)
  • may help inhibit Alzheimer’s disease

Use it: if you don’t already have favorite uses when baking, add half a teaspoon to oatmeal, coffee, yogurt – or even chili!


  • major stomach soother and nausea reducer
  •  helps reduce dizziness
  • helps decrease joint pain – even in individuals with rheumatoid arthritis
  • intaking 2 grams per day can help ease exercise-induced muscle pain

Use it: Look to use actual ginger rather than ginger ale – most ginger ale today contains artificial colors along with the added sugar and carbonation. Start almost any stir-fry dish with grated ginger, toss into smoothies or juices, or add to homemade jams and jellies.


  • garlic intake is associated with a reduced risk of several types of cancers, as garlic’s antibacterial properties may prevent (and possibly halt!) the growth of cancer-causing substances, help repair DNA and reduce cell proliferation
  • may help slightly lower cholesterol
  • help help lower blood pressure
  • may slow hardening of the arteries

Use it: add chopped raw garlic to salads in the place of high-cal dressings, or use as a dressing or marinade for almost any protein or vegetable!


  • may help improve mental performance
  • memory-enhancer
  • help reduce risk of both memory problems associated with aging, and risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Use it: sage is delicious on proteins (toss onto chicken before grilling) and as a spice for most grilled or steamed vegetables, like asparagus.


  • compounds found in parsley have been proven to help stop the growth and multiplication of certain types of breast cancer cells
  • helps fight off other pathogens in the body

Use it: Add to salads, soups, roasted veggies or as a garnish on virtually any dish!


  • cancer-fighting: ability to kill cells in cancer of the esophagus

Use it: add turmeric to Greek yogurt to serve as a dip for Thai or Indian dishes – or a simple spiced chicken!

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