Question of the Week

Is there a certain body type that is more likely to get a bigger benefit out of barre classes?

Answer: (from Kim D.)That is great question, and one I’ve been asked many times. The answer is…no!  The barre is a place for all body shapes, sizes, heights, and ages.  It’s a practice for anyone who wants to strengthen, tone, and create longer – leaner muscle.  Naturally, we all have different body shapes, metabolisms, as well as genetics, but our studio is the perfect place for all body types.  Ideally for best results, we suggest taking at least three to four classes a week accompanied with healthy nutrition, and a good nights sleep to mentally push yourself in class!  Also, its very important to challenge yourself throughout our stretching portions of class – these are built in with much purpose to create those long muscles (who doesn’t want that?). Once that heat is radiating within (especially after our thigh burn), you’ll be so impressed by the flexibility you’ll be gifted with!

So… come one, come all, the barre studio has something to offer everyone!  And remember: “No body transformations happen overnight or without consistency and dedication!”.
-Can’t wait to see you in class!


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