Question of the Week

What does it really mean when my muscles shake during class?
Answer: (from Cindy H.) Have you experienced “the barre shakes” in a recent class?  We wear those shakes as a badge of honor!
At the barre, we isolate individual muscle groups, and work those muscles to the point of exhaustion.  Shaking kicks in when your muscles are getting to the point of fatigue, or “overload”, and when this begins, you know you’re pushing your body to its max.  A muscle that is being challenged deeply to the point of shaking is a muscle that’s increasing in strength…and, therefore, a toned appearance!  Holding on a little longer each class through the “shakes” will increase your endurance and stamina, and you’ll begin to see the amazing cumulative effect of building on your progress each week.  The best thing about barre classes, in my opinion, is that nothing gets easier.  The more you attend, the more challenging the classes seem to get, because you have a better understanding of how to get into proper form, and challenge yourself to achieve those shakes.
So, ladies, embrace those shakes!  It means change is happening!  And who doesn’t love that?!

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