Question of the Week

How long do I need to go to barre classes before they become easier?
Answer (from Rachel): We like to say “barre classes never get easier…you just get better!” 🙂 it’s honestly true, though; you never ever will truly conquer a barre class – if you ever feel like you have, then <unfortunately> that probably means that you weren’t quite pushing yourself hard enough! Paula and I have collectively been doing barre classes for almost 20 years between the two of us, and if you’re ever in class when we’re taking class, too, you’ll notice that we are shaking more than anyone else in the room – we are as challenged now as when we first started…if not more, actually, because we have got the posture correct and know what we SHOULD be doing to maximize each position!
That is the true beauty of our classes: you can have them grow with your level, you will never plateau and need to move on to something new to challenge your muscles, and you will be able to continue seeing new changes in your body and your strength. Our workouts are varied enough that your muscles will keep getting surprised, and as long as you are listening to your instructor’s cues, and being honest with how hard you are working (think: how low you are in thigh work, how tucked your hips are in seat work, and trying to take less breaks than last time) you should always be challenged to the point of shaking (which means you are working hard enough and therefore, getting results). Hence…the more you know what you should be doing, the more you are probably shaking – so your workout is not getting easier 1 month, 6 months or 2 years down the road!
That said, MENTALLY our classes can get “easier”: the more you come, the more mental strength you gain (along with physical strength, of course) – so your mind is tough enough to say: “I know waterskiing is only 2 minutes; I can do this, no breaks no matter how much it hurts – it’s not going to kill me!” vs in your first couple classes your mind probably was saying “Oh my gosh, how long do we waterski for!? This hurts so badly! Ouch, I’m taking a break!” Having that perspective of knowing each series in finite and will be followed by a stretch will really help you push and make everything feel a little “easier” to tackle.
Remember that you should never feel defeated by a barre class, and so don’t let the fact that the classes don’t really get easier make you feel like you are climbing an unending hill! Remember that all you need to do to be a success within our studio walls is try your hardest – so if you do that in class, no matter how many breaks you take or if you aren’t sure if you are doing something right, you are leaving a success. Always feel free to chat with your instructor to help you maximize or clarify any questions you have after class – we are there to help and we literally get overjoyed when YOU get a great workout! We want to do whatever we need to to make that happen!

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