Client of the Month: Kelly B.

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How long have you been coming to the barre?
I signed up for a month unlimited the end of October and have been coming ever since!
How did you first hear about us?
I live really close to 50th and France and so whenever I am in the area I would always see the studio and want to check it out.
Do you have a favorite instructor? Why?
I have loved all of the instructors!!!  I have taken a lot of classes from Jenny and Kim (just due to scheduling) and they are amazing!  Recently, I got to take a class from Kalli and then one from Paula!  Let me tell you – they kicked my butt and I loved it!  I will definitely be trying to take more classes from them.  They are all so great at helping with form through out class, encouraging you when you just want to quit and helping you push through the shakes!
What has been your biggest challenge coming to class?
Just forcing myself to go! It’s so hard in the winter when it’s dark (at night) and cold to want to get out of your warm and cozy house and go but it’s ALWAYS worth it.  I have yet to take a class where I thought ‘well that was a waste of my time.’ (ha!)
How have you overcome that? Or how are you working on that?  
I find that the month of unlimited classes really forced me to go because I wanted to get my money’s worth – so I am thinking of signing up for a month (or 3) unlimited!  Also, just looking at my week and getting the classes in my calendar that I am going to go to so it’s a priority.  It also helps to have a friend!  I got both my mom and sister hooked on Barre so now I have them to help hold me accountable to go!
Have you been to other studios? How is the barre different?
I did do Pure Barre but it was a while ago.  Biggest difference – there is no Monkey Barre!  That was a deal breaker for me.  I can’t commit to a work out if I can’t bring my 2 and a half year old!  Quinn LOVES going to Barre and playing with “Alex.”  She thinks Alex is one of her best friends.  It’s so comforting knowing she is having FUN!
What is your biggest goal in coming to the barre?
Do shape and tone my body and to get STRONGER!

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