Question of the Week

Question: What are the benefits of doing barre while pregnant?
Answer (From Kim D.):

Oh I love this question because you get all the regular benefits plus even MORE!  
First, assuming you have no complications upon doctors approval, barre is absolutely safe throughout your pregnancy!  It is the perfect way to stay toned and keep up that desired strength for delivery and just overall in general.  I always tell clients to “listen” to your body and let it be your guide.  Maybe at times you need to take a little break (which is NO biggie), and other times you will be simply amazed at what your body can and will do for you!  Also, the strength of your mind is a powerful tool!  Throughout pregnancy, and the three trimesters, you will be challenged in different ways!  For example, when I was pregnant with my third, I had to really focus on my breathing throughout first trimester.  In my second trimester, I had so much energy to push myself and felt so empowered by the strength and endurance I still had.  In my the third and final trimester, simple modifications and mental power came into play.  I remember having to fight through tricep dips, but also knew I could push myself for such a small increment of time.  🙂  Our instructors are always there to support you so if you have any questions on those modifications just ask as we are more than happy to help!
One of the best benefits is when other clients watch you working so hard and see that you CAN do it, you motivate every person in class to work even harder!  The ladies at our studio are so incredibly supportive that you will love coming to barre pregnant and will feel so great about yourself!  
Lastly, continuing barre throughout your pregnancy will help in delivery, keep off the extra pounds, and absolutely will help you bounce back after baby (who doesn’t want that)?  You will be craving to come back after maternity leave!
WARNING – You better be ready to come show that little bundle off upon delivery; we love babies!  🙂 




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