Client of the Month: Jennifer O.

How long have you been coming to the barre? 
I started in September 2012.  I still remember my first class with Stacy – I loved it from day one!
How did you first find us? 
I was looking for something different in my work out routine and I had heard about barre classes.  I was a dancer and loved ballet when I was younger so the barre work out sounded like something I might enjoy.  I started searching and found The Barre in Wayzata.  I tried a class and a month unlimited.  I quickly fell in love with the studio, classes, other clients and staff.  There is always such a warm and inviting atmosphere.
What changes in your mind and body have you noticed most? 
I feel more lean and toned.  I have more flexibility.  I love that it never gets easier.  I feel mentally and physically challenged with each class and always leave feeling great.
How do you fit barre into your busy schedule? 
I work full time and have 3 kids so I try to fit classes in early morning or evening and on the weekends.  All of the instructors are amazing and I know any time I come I’m going to have a great work out.
What is your favorite class time? 
I enjoy all times but have really started to love the 6am classes in Edina with Kristen and Kalli.  They are both very motivating and it feels great to be done by 7am.  It gives me energy for the rest of my day!   Both studios are great.  I really love being at the Wayzata studio and looking out at the beatiful lake – helps take my mind off of the pain!
Favorite barre move? 
I don’t think that I have one favorite.  I love/hate the thigh series.  It is so hard but you feel so good when it’s done.  I think the seat series are my favorite part of class.  You really have to focus and concentrate.  I love the results!

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