Question of the Week

I tend to bulk up with weight lifting.  Will barre class trim me down?

Answer from Paula: Yes.  The barre’s classes were built around the traditional Lotte Berk method, which has been lauded as the exercise of choice to tone and transform bodies since the 1970s!  There’s a reason dancers enjoy sculpted thighs and perfect posture – they work at it, and we do, too.  During the first three-to-five months that you take class however, you may feel your muscles more. This is because newly toned muscles hold additional water, and also because intra-muscular fat that has been pushed outwards.

After around five months of classes, the intramuscular fat will burn away, your muscles will become more compact and elongated, and you will lose inches.So if you’re going through the initial strengthening stage, have faith! A few more months of classes will tighten your muscles, burn away excess intramuscular fat, and give you a new, trimmed down shape.  And bonus, our stretching will elongate your muscles, while our focus on posture will have you walking taller throughout life.

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