Client of the Month: Catherine R.

How long have you been coming to the barre?
I have been coming to the barre since January of last year 🙂
You come to the 6am classes a lot. How do you deal with waking up so early? 🙂
I usually come to the 6am classes in the warmer months, not so much in the winter unless it is the only time I can fit it in! But in regards to waking up so early, I set my alarm early enough to be able to hit the “snooze” button once or twice. Also, COFFEE. Coffee always comes first that early! Kristen and Kalli definitely make it worth the effort!
What have been your favorite benefits of barre so far?
Oh gosh, there have been so many benefits of taking classes at the barre! But my favorite is definitely the feeling I have once class has finished. It always feels like a great accomplishment, having worked every single muscle in my body in one hour. I feel stronger, healthier, and definitely happier! Even on days that I may lack motivation, coming to class always seems to be a positive part of my day. I also love that with each class, I am able to sink a little lower or hang on a little bit longer before taking a break as my muscles grow stronger. I just love everything about it!
What challenges are you working on in classes right now?
Well, my current challenge is training to become an instructor! Making the transition from student to instructor this spring will have its own set of challenges, but I am so ready to take them on! I cannot wait to share my love and passion for the barre with everyone else!


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