15 signs you’re addicted to the barre




1. When you recognize a “b” car magnet and give that person major props for those 20 classes in 30 days.

2. You need to dig through at least two pairs of sticky socks before you can find your wallet or keys in your purse.

3. When everything waist high suddenly becomes the perfect make shift barre.

4. Your non-barre friends don’t understand what you mean when you say, “I can’t get brunch tomorrow morning – I need to get my dot.”

5. When Pitbull comes on in the car and you immediately think of Kalli telling you you’re about to do a superset of thigh dancing.

6. Your children’s teachers suspect you may have a drinking problem because the kids told them you go to “the bar(re)” every morning.

7. The first thing you do Saturday morning is check to see if there is room in the 8:00am HIT class.

8. You have a love/hate relationship with Cindy’s love of push-ups.

9. When waterskiing on Lake Minnetonka has a whole new meaning.

10. You think Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” was totally written about Paula’s thigh series.

11. Wunder Unders have become a second skin.

12. You know there is nothing “mini” about Mini Barre.

13. #BarreStrong is a lifestyle.

14. You know the 6:00am Edina crew means business.

15. Somehow the most physically exhausting part of your day is the easiest and most satisfying ❤

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