Clients of the Month: Jane R. & Susan W.

Meet Susan W. and Jane R.!  Regular clients of our Wayzata studio, these strong women balance it all – work, family, friends, and hobbies – yet have learned the true value and benefits of setting aside time for yourself.  Two and a half years ago, Susan introduced Jane to the barre and they have been coming three days a week ever since.  Oh, and did we mention they are sisters?!

Read on to learn more about these two “barre stars” and their inspiring journey!


Tell us about yourself! Work? Hobbies?

Jane:  I’m married with two children – a daughter, 25 and a son, 22.  I work in downtown  Minneapolis as an executive assistant and enjoy spending time with family and staying active.

I’ve always been active and interested in fitness, starting at an early age with dance classes.  Throughout my life, I’ve joined/participated in many fitness options – health clubs, yoga classes, dance classes and even tried to get into a running routine, but none of those really stuck.  Barre changed that…

Susan: I’m a married with 3 boys ages 25, 23 and 19.  I have my own market research firm and never really had much time for exercise classes.  I always did my own which never really worked out very well.  We have a home gym but my kids used it much more than I ever did.

In my early 50’s I started having issues with my lower back.  I was going to a chiropractor twice a month and things weren’t getting any better.  Even with the prescribed exercises my back was a little better but still had problems.


How long have you been coming to the barre and what inspired you to try it?

Jane: Sisters know each other and after hearing Susan’s testimonials, I joined her for class and quickly understood why she was so excited to find the program.  It’s been 2+ years and I’m still as motivated as I was after the first class.

Susan: I started coming to the barre in February 2013 with a  friend of mine.  I wanted to strengthen my core in hopes of making my back feel better.


How often have you been coming to class together?  Does having a “barre buddy” make you more accountable?

Jane: Susan and I attend 3 days a week.  I know that I am motivated by a class type of environment and with the added benefit of attending with my sister, it keeps it fun.  We look forward to seeing each other and believe we are both inspired/motivated by each other.

Susan: Jane and I attend 3 classes per week.  The buddy system works so well for us.  There are many times you just don’t feel like going but you know the other person will be there so you go.  It has really helped me stay on track.


What are your favorite barre benefits, mental and/or physical?  Challenges? 

Jane: I believe the benefits all play together – mental and physical.  I’m proud of myself for making barre class a priority and not sitting back, making excuses (no time, too tired) and letting nature take its course.  There’s also the important side benefit that I’m setting a good example for my family – that fitness is important at all ages.

Susan: The best part of the barre is the physical benefit which is why I started taking the classes.  I didn’t realize how you have the mental benefits as well.  I can tell when I come back from vacation and feel sluggish.  It only takes one class to start feeling more on top my game.


How has the barre impacted your life?

Jane: I love that I can do all the things that make me feel good whether it’s hiking or still being able to fit into an old pair of favorite jeans. Class clears my mind and give me that one hour to do something just for me.

Susan: My quality of life is so much better.  I haven’t been back to a chiropractor for 2 ½ years and have regained strength which I thought was gone.


How do you balance work, family, hobbies, etc. and still have time for barre? 

Jane: Like most, the majority of the day is completing tasks and doing things for others.  Setting aside three workouts a week is important for me.

Susan: Actually, it works out pretty well.  Jane and I attend the same classes each week so we already have the time allocated for class.  I feel fortunate to only need 3 hours each week to have the type of body and strength I’ve found at the barre.


What does “barre strong” mean to you?

Jane: Investing in yourself – mentally and physically

Susan: Barre strong means being the best version of yourself you can be.  It is never too late to start working on making your body strong.  Also, I learned at the barre that pushing yourself drives change.  I always thought shaking was a sign that my body couldn’t handle it and I needed to stop.  I’m so glad I learned that pushing myself was just what I needed.


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