Barre-dio Buzz

Have you heard what the (barre-dio) buzz is all about?  We are so excited to announce even more barre-dio class time offerings so you can fall in love with our newest class format, too!  If you haven’t tried it yet, here’s the scoop.


What is barre-dio?
Get ready to burn, shake, and sweat! We have combined all you love about our classic open barre class with a heart-pumping cardio blast to give you the best of both worlds! Each class will consist of a super-charged 30 minute barre strength session designed to chisel and define your upper body, thighs, seat and core (classic barre, at a quicker pace) and a 30 minute cardio blast that focuses on bigger movements at a faster pace designed to rev your heart rate, and engaging multiple muscle groups at a time for maximum efficiency.



How is barre-dio different than HIT The Barre? 
Barre-dio has two separate 30 minutes sections — a super strengthening barre session followed by a fast-paced cardio focused section, whereas HIT mixes in the muscle-focused strength work with cardio in a sprint-based format.  Barre-dio is 65 minutes of hard but rewarding work. 60 minutes working out followed by 5 minutes of a cool down stretch.


When is it offered?
Monday, 9:15am
Thursday, 10:30am (starting 3/9!)
Friday, 9:30am
alternating Tuesdays at 6:00am


Coming soon to a laptop near you!
You’ve probably heard us talk about our new(!) online class streaming.  We are continuing to add more new and exciting classes to the library and will have barre-dio in the line-up in early March!  Stay on the lookout for your at-home barre and cardio burn.


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