Client of the Month: Karly K.

Meet Karly K.!  A regular client of our Edina studio (and sometimes Wayzata!) is our February client of the month!  Karly lights up the studio when she walks in and never fails to push herself to those shakes.  We ❤ having her as a part of our barre community.

Tell us about yourself! Work? Hobbies?
I work full-time as a nanny, and I am in grad school at Concordia getting my Masters in elementary education. When I’m not at The Barre, I love to cook, read, spend time with family and friends, and travel!

How long have you been coming to the barre and what inspired you to try it?
I have been coming to The Barre for a year and a half. I drove past the Edina location every day on my way to work, so I finally decided to try a class and I was hooked!

What are your favorite barre benefits, mental and/or physical? Challenges?
I love that barre is a full body workout. I never leave class feeling like I missed a muscle group. I also love how the instructors push me to get my seat lower and my heels higher. It feels great to walk out of the studio knowing I gave it my all. My biggest challenge is making it to the 6 am classes, but my day is always so much better when I do!

Do you have a favorite class format or instructor?
I do love coming to the Tuesday 6 am HIT with Kristen when I can make it out of bed… Otherwise, I love the variety of instructors because each one brings a unique and challenging barre experience to the studio.

How has the barre impacted your life?
The Barre has made me a more confident person, both inside and out. I love the benefits my body gets, but also the mental strength I have built. It has encouraged me to become a much more active person.

How do you balance work, family, hobbies, etc. and still have time for barre?
I find that the busier I am, the more I get done, and the better I feel about my day. My ideal weekday would include all of the above!

What does “barre strong” mean to you?
Barre strong has a double meaning for me. It represents the physical strength I gain from class, but also the mental strength I get from pushing myself to not give up.

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