Client of the Month: Dana H.

Meet Dana H.!  Dana, a regular client of our Edina studio, is truly an inspiration when it comes to dedication, commitment, and her positive attitude she brings to the studio.  You may see her regularly at those early 6am classes with a smile on her face ready to get her shakes on!

How long have you been coming to the barre and what inspired you to try it?
Jenna taught my first barre class 2 1/2 years ago. I was more than a little intimidated at first, everyone seemed so young and fit and I thought it was really hard. But I saw Jenna and other instructors doing the classes too and still challenging themselves and it seemed to work for lots of different fitness levels so I just kept coming back.

Tell us about yourself! Work? Hobbies?
I am a psychiatrist and I am trained as a geriatrician and I still work 3 days per week. I plan to retire completely in the next 1-2 years.

What are your favorite barre benefits, mental and/or physical? Challenges?
Barre has been a great way to counter aging and to stay ready for biking, hiking, and skiing. I feel much stronger and I have more endurance.

I hope all the younger women who do this work out realize how important it is to keep it up even after they don’t care so much about how they look in a bathing suit anymore. It’s just so critical to have that core and upper body strength as well as the legs and hips as you go into your post-menopausal years. Data really supports that exercise is even more important the older you get.  I do feel my age and limitations, some days more than others, but I remind myself how much better I feel now than I did 2 1/2 years ago.  I like to see more older women showing up and I want to encourage them to just keep coming back. But I really like the mix of ages, fitness levels, post-partum, post-menopause, dancers, athletes, and not so athletic. I appreciate that the instructors can be challenging but not judgmental and the workout can still be just as hard as it was when I started.

I forgot to mention, too, how supportive my husband has been. He’s seen me start work out programs over the years and not stay with them and he’s been really impressed with how I have stayed with this one – and he likes the results, too. He thinks I look great but he sees also how I can keep up with him better when we bike or ski and how I have more energy.

How do you balance work, family, hobbies, etc. and still have time for barre?
I try to be disciplined and get to 3-4 classes per week which seems to be the magic number for me. I’m in 2 book clubs, travel, have a lake home in Wisconsin that I want to get to on the weekends.  Both of my sons are in their mid-20’s and they’re pretty independent now.  In the past it was all about getting to their games and tournaments, so I try to channel that into time for me. I think kids should see their parents setting that example so at least I’m doing it now. They think it’s great and my son with his first job gets to the gym regularly which makes me happy.

Do you have a favorite class format or instructor?
I don’t have a favorite instructor and I enjoy that they each have a different style and each class is different, you know what’s coming in general but you don’t get bored. I typically do the regular barre classes because I like the stretching and cool down built in.

What does “barre strong” mean to you?
Barre strong means I can try new things, like a bike trip, or a ski race, or a hiking trip, and look forward to it now because my body and mind are ready. It’s great to be able to wear sleeveless dresses, too!

Barre-dio Buzz

Have you heard what the (barre-dio) buzz is all about?  We are so excited to announce even more barre-dio class time offerings so you can fall in love with our newest class format, too!  If you haven’t tried it yet, here’s the scoop.


What is barre-dio?
Get ready to burn, shake, and sweat! We have combined all you love about our classic open barre class with a heart-pumping cardio blast to give you the best of both worlds! Each class will consist of a super-charged 30 minute barre strength session designed to chisel and define your upper body, thighs, seat and core (classic barre, at a quicker pace) and a 30 minute cardio blast that focuses on bigger movements at a faster pace designed to rev your heart rate, and engaging multiple muscle groups at a time for maximum efficiency.



How is barre-dio different than HIT The Barre? 
Barre-dio has two separate 30 minutes sections — a super strengthening barre session followed by a fast-paced cardio focused section, whereas HIT mixes in the muscle-focused strength work with cardio in a sprint-based format.  Barre-dio is 65 minutes of hard but rewarding work. 60 minutes working out followed by 5 minutes of a cool down stretch.


When is it offered?
Monday, 9:15am
Thursday, 10:30am (starting 3/9!)
Friday, 9:30am
alternating Tuesdays at 6:00am


Coming soon to a laptop near you!
You’ve probably heard us talk about our new(!) online class streaming.  We are continuing to add more new and exciting classes to the library and will have barre-dio in the line-up in early March!  Stay on the lookout for your at-home barre and cardio burn.



Five years ago today, owners Rachel and Paula opened the doors to Minnesota’s first ever barre studio.  Five years later, Rachel and Paula have created the most amazing studio, community and workout around.  Here’s why we ❤ the barre and couldn’t imagine pulsing anywhere else:


1. It is the best total body workout in town.

2. The studio is warm, welcoming, and full of truly awesome women.

3. I am inspired every class by every instructor, and client, to push harder and get lower!

4. I NEVER regret taking class, even when I don’t feel 100%.

5. I have gained strength I never knew I had mentally, and physically (it takes as much strength mentally as it does physically)!

-Kristen S.


1. It is a judgement free zone.

2. It is a strong community of strong women.

3. AWESOME jams!

4.Instructors are motivating, supportive and FUN!

5. I always leave class feeling accomplished, and more confident in my body.

-Allie K.


1. Exercise in no longer a chore, but a craving!

2. I walked into the studio not knowing one single person, and now have friendships that go way beyond the barre! 😉

3. The instructors are so well chosen and put work into each and every class delivery.

4. The barre has taught me so much about mental strength and has pushed me to levels I’ve never experience before!

5. It’s such a gift to have a private studio that welcomes children to a place they love: Monkey Barre!

-Kim D.


1. The barre provides an incredibly encouraging environment.

2. I always leave with such sense of empowerment after an amazing head-to-toe workout.

3. My little  monkey loves coming with me so he can play with all the other little monkeys. You can’t beat a studio like ours that offers childcare!

4. I am always amazed by our incredible clients and instructors.  Such mental and physical toughness in one room!

5. After years of trying to find a workout regimen I actually enjoy, I can definitely say I have found “the one!”

-Jill J.


1. The barre is more than just about exercise – it’s empowerment, strength and positive encouragement for women.

2. The instructors – you are guaranteed a burn regardless if you walk into the studio at 6am or 6pm.

3. Location, location, location! You cannot beat the Lake Minnetonka view in Wayzata!

4. The friendships I have made since joining the studio.

5. Monkey barre! My daughter begs me to take her to class with me and doesn’t understand why there isn’t a 6am Monkey Barre!

-Katie O.


1. The class is accessible to people of all ages and levels of fitness.

2. The studio locations are amazing!

3. The barre community is so motivating, supportive and welcoming!

4. I always leave class in a  better mood than I arrived!

5. Last but not least, the results surpass any other method of exercise!

-Jaclyn H.


1. ANYONE of any age/fitness level can absolutely do barre – each class has clients of all different levels who are encouraging to each other!

2. The instructors bring so much passion and stand out from all others… amazing!

3. You absolutely can’t beat the location of the studios.

4. The workout itself is addicting in the best way and has given me strength (mental + physical) I never knew I could gain.

5. Hands down best stress reliever and I leave in a great mood EVERY time 🙂

-Julia K.


1. You don’t have to put on a swimsuit to waterski, although you’ll be swimsuit ready if you take class regularly.

2. You have sore muscles you didn’t even know you had.

3. You leave class feeling like you can conquer the world.

4. Class never gets easier, if anything it gets more challenging.

5. The barre community of instructors and clients are lifelong friends.

-Cindy H.


1. Such a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere suitable for everyone!

2. I am inspired to pursue a healthier lifestyle with each class!

3. I have never been happier with my fitness and I have gained strength and focus I didn’t know I was capable of.

4. So nice for moms to be able to drop off their monkeys and enjoy their workout without a worry!

5. Such an AMAZING group of women! I am always so encouraged by the instructors and look up to them so much! I wouldn’t want to be a part of any other team!

-Maya M.


1. There is no better place to start my day… sunrises at the barre are pretty great!

2. I no longer fear push-ups… no matter how many are thrown my way.

3. When I moved back to MN, I came to the barre looking for a great workout and now leave feeling empowered, strong and grateful for so many friends.

4. It is the place where Ke$ha and Pitbull come together to make musical magic.

5. Teaching at the barre has brought be out of my shell and has made me the confident and strong women that I am both at the studio and in my everyday life!

-Kalli L.


1. The instructors are amazing and inspiring!

2. The workout is seriously addicting and incredibly physically and mentally challenging  – I have gotten so much stronger.

3. There is definitely a “post-barre high” after class.  It truly starts my day in the best way.

4. The 6am Edina crew!

5. After years of short term relationships with other gyms or fitness studios, I finally found THE ONE that works for me!

-Toni S.


1. The welcoming community it provides and amazing friendships.

2. The peace of mind and mental release post-class.

3. The mental and physical challenge presented by every class.

4. For helping me to become my strongest self in all aspects.

5. For introducing me to the joys of group fitness and just getting me hooked on barre in every way.

-Mary C.


1. Barre is my happy place, if I have a frown it is immediately turned upside down the  minute I walk in the door.

2. Britney on the playlists (and all of the other great songs)!

3. Barre arms – people always say, “I want your arms!” and I always respond with, “Come to the barre!”

4.  The AMAZING people! I am surrounded by strong, positive, beautiful people inside and out which is such a positive influence on my life!

5. Not only does barre give me physical strength but it gives me mental strength – Yes, I can!!!

-Jenny H.


1. Having a back injury, barre has changed my life!  I am a true believer that our barre technique has helped me build a strong core to help stabilize my back injury, and live a daily life with little or no back pain!  It is truly amazing, and I have tried everything – yoga, pilates reformer, but barre has been the magic I have been needing in my life!

2. I can’t imagine my life without our barre, I can’t imagine not being an instructor! I am so thankful to have the barre in my life.

3. I love our loyal barre clients, I love our 1st time clients, and I love seeing our old barre clients, that may have taken a break but come back because they know the barre is a solid workout and loving environment!

4. I love our barre instructors!  I learn so much from all of you.  I always take away something new about barre, which helps me push my own barre technique.

5. I love our no-judgement amongst all our beautiful barre women! We are all in different places with our own barre strength.  I never feel judged, but encouraged and inspired to work when I am at the barre!

-Teresa G.


1. Finally a workout that I LOVE going to do!

2. Our clients are the BEST!  And they inspire me each time I teach!

3. I am stronger, both mentally and physically, thanks to the barre.

4. The view – need I say more?! How can’t you enjoy a waterski with the sun sparkling on the water?

5. The friendships I’ve made while getting my butt kicked during a killer thigh series!

-Heather A.


1. The amazing clients and instructors I have had the pleasure of getting to know!

2. The encouraging, energizing, welcoming, inspiring and positive atmosphere that our clients and instructors create each and every class!

3. It is my go-to workout that I truly crave! I love that there are methods to modify or push yourself harder in every part of class.

4. The physical and mental strength I have achieved from both taking and teaching class!

5. It has become a part of my life! I can’t imagine life without the barre!

-Kristin G.


1. It never gets easy and you will never plateau.  This is a lifelong workout!

2. No other workout has transformed my body like barre has.

3. I never thought I would enjoy working out, let alone LOVE working out! The barre instilled a lifestyle change in me that I am so thankful for.

4. This community isn’t found anywhere else.  Walk in the studio a stranger and leave with a family of goal-crushing, hard-working women.

5. The instructors are fabulous and am lucky to call them my co-workers!  They inspire me during and after every class and are always challenging me to be better than I was last time.

-Jenna C.086 - Version 2.jpg


Are barre classes heart-benefitting cardio? You’ll be surprised by the answer!

We’ve always said it, but one of the best things about our barre classes is that the benefits are long-term, and go much deeper than the shape of your body. We’ll admit, the famed “barre body” is often what first brings someone through our door – and you’ll get that – but we love that we are sharing an exercise that benefits your long term health and is sustainable in the long run.

To explain how deep the benefits go, we need to ask a seemingly simple question. Are our barre classes cardio?

Technically, yes, our barre classes are cardio, despite your preconceived notions! Many women associate “cardio” with things like running, swimming or biking – or what experts typically label “aerobic exercise.” But cardio, or cardiovascular exercise, is any activity that strengthens your heart and improves the function of your cardiovascular system. To do this, major muscle groups need to contract repeatedly enough to elevate the heart rate to a target level (some experts give a general ballpark of about 50% of your max, or around 100 beats per minute).

The Barre43Does this “repeated muscle contraction” sound familiar? If you come to the barre, it should…we spend our hour moving through the muscles in our body, focusing on one group at a time, engaging and deeply contracting it! That’s right, barre classes are “cardio”, as the umbrella of cardiovascular exercise includes both aerobic and anaerobic workouts, and therefore, improves your heart health.

What kind of benefits are we talking?

  • lowering resting heart rates (increasing work output)
  • improve cholesterol levels
  • improve your body’s ability to metabolize sugars

And this is why it’s important even if weight loss isn’t your goal. To give you more cardiovascular benefits from our athletically-based and dynamic barre classes, we try to reduce the “break time” in between series and keep you moving from one exercise to the next. This increased load will keep your heart rate in the elevated zone – increasing the intensity of every exercise we do and sky-rocketing your inner benefits.

If you are especially interested in a faster-paced, heart-healthy barre class, our new class debuting today, Mini Barre, epitomizes this! We’ve reduced stretch (recovery) times and will move through the series at a very quickened pace to keep your heart rate elevated and maintain our typical intensity while reducing class time to 40 minutes!

The Barre11