Five years ago today, owners Rachel and Paula opened the doors to Minnesota’s first ever barre studio.  Five years later, Rachel and Paula have created the most amazing studio, community and workout around.  Here’s why we ❤ the barre and couldn’t imagine pulsing anywhere else:


1. It is the best total body workout in town.

2. The studio is warm, welcoming, and full of truly awesome women.

3. I am inspired every class by every instructor, and client, to push harder and get lower!

4. I NEVER regret taking class, even when I don’t feel 100%.

5. I have gained strength I never knew I had mentally, and physically (it takes as much strength mentally as it does physically)!

-Kristen S.


1. It is a judgement free zone.

2. It is a strong community of strong women.

3. AWESOME jams!

4.Instructors are motivating, supportive and FUN!

5. I always leave class feeling accomplished, and more confident in my body.

-Allie K.


1. Exercise in no longer a chore, but a craving!

2. I walked into the studio not knowing one single person, and now have friendships that go way beyond the barre! 😉

3. The instructors are so well chosen and put work into each and every class delivery.

4. The barre has taught me so much about mental strength and has pushed me to levels I’ve never experience before!

5. It’s such a gift to have a private studio that welcomes children to a place they love: Monkey Barre!

-Kim D.


1. The barre provides an incredibly encouraging environment.

2. I always leave with such sense of empowerment after an amazing head-to-toe workout.

3. My little  monkey loves coming with me so he can play with all the other little monkeys. You can’t beat a studio like ours that offers childcare!

4. I am always amazed by our incredible clients and instructors.  Such mental and physical toughness in one room!

5. After years of trying to find a workout regimen I actually enjoy, I can definitely say I have found “the one!”

-Jill J.


1. The barre is more than just about exercise – it’s empowerment, strength and positive encouragement for women.

2. The instructors – you are guaranteed a burn regardless if you walk into the studio at 6am or 6pm.

3. Location, location, location! You cannot beat the Lake Minnetonka view in Wayzata!

4. The friendships I have made since joining the studio.

5. Monkey barre! My daughter begs me to take her to class with me and doesn’t understand why there isn’t a 6am Monkey Barre!

-Katie O.


1. The class is accessible to people of all ages and levels of fitness.

2. The studio locations are amazing!

3. The barre community is so motivating, supportive and welcoming!

4. I always leave class in a  better mood than I arrived!

5. Last but not least, the results surpass any other method of exercise!

-Jaclyn H.


1. ANYONE of any age/fitness level can absolutely do barre – each class has clients of all different levels who are encouraging to each other!

2. The instructors bring so much passion and stand out from all others… amazing!

3. You absolutely can’t beat the location of the studios.

4. The workout itself is addicting in the best way and has given me strength (mental + physical) I never knew I could gain.

5. Hands down best stress reliever and I leave in a great mood EVERY time 🙂

-Julia K.


1. You don’t have to put on a swimsuit to waterski, although you’ll be swimsuit ready if you take class regularly.

2. You have sore muscles you didn’t even know you had.

3. You leave class feeling like you can conquer the world.

4. Class never gets easier, if anything it gets more challenging.

5. The barre community of instructors and clients are lifelong friends.

-Cindy H.


1. Such a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere suitable for everyone!

2. I am inspired to pursue a healthier lifestyle with each class!

3. I have never been happier with my fitness and I have gained strength and focus I didn’t know I was capable of.

4. So nice for moms to be able to drop off their monkeys and enjoy their workout without a worry!

5. Such an AMAZING group of women! I am always so encouraged by the instructors and look up to them so much! I wouldn’t want to be a part of any other team!

-Maya M.


1. There is no better place to start my day… sunrises at the barre are pretty great!

2. I no longer fear push-ups… no matter how many are thrown my way.

3. When I moved back to MN, I came to the barre looking for a great workout and now leave feeling empowered, strong and grateful for so many friends.

4. It is the place where Ke$ha and Pitbull come together to make musical magic.

5. Teaching at the barre has brought be out of my shell and has made me the confident and strong women that I am both at the studio and in my everyday life!

-Kalli L.


1. The instructors are amazing and inspiring!

2. The workout is seriously addicting and incredibly physically and mentally challenging  – I have gotten so much stronger.

3. There is definitely a “post-barre high” after class.  It truly starts my day in the best way.

4. The 6am Edina crew!

5. After years of short term relationships with other gyms or fitness studios, I finally found THE ONE that works for me!

-Toni S.


1. The welcoming community it provides and amazing friendships.

2. The peace of mind and mental release post-class.

3. The mental and physical challenge presented by every class.

4. For helping me to become my strongest self in all aspects.

5. For introducing me to the joys of group fitness and just getting me hooked on barre in every way.

-Mary C.


1. Barre is my happy place, if I have a frown it is immediately turned upside down the  minute I walk in the door.

2. Britney on the playlists (and all of the other great songs)!

3. Barre arms – people always say, “I want your arms!” and I always respond with, “Come to the barre!”

4.  The AMAZING people! I am surrounded by strong, positive, beautiful people inside and out which is such a positive influence on my life!

5. Not only does barre give me physical strength but it gives me mental strength – Yes, I can!!!

-Jenny H.


1. Having a back injury, barre has changed my life!  I am a true believer that our barre technique has helped me build a strong core to help stabilize my back injury, and live a daily life with little or no back pain!  It is truly amazing, and I have tried everything – yoga, pilates reformer, but barre has been the magic I have been needing in my life!

2. I can’t imagine my life without our barre, I can’t imagine not being an instructor! I am so thankful to have the barre in my life.

3. I love our loyal barre clients, I love our 1st time clients, and I love seeing our old barre clients, that may have taken a break but come back because they know the barre is a solid workout and loving environment!

4. I love our barre instructors!  I learn so much from all of you.  I always take away something new about barre, which helps me push my own barre technique.

5. I love our no-judgement amongst all our beautiful barre women! We are all in different places with our own barre strength.  I never feel judged, but encouraged and inspired to work when I am at the barre!

-Teresa G.


1. Finally a workout that I LOVE going to do!

2. Our clients are the BEST!  And they inspire me each time I teach!

3. I am stronger, both mentally and physically, thanks to the barre.

4. The view – need I say more?! How can’t you enjoy a waterski with the sun sparkling on the water?

5. The friendships I’ve made while getting my butt kicked during a killer thigh series!

-Heather A.


1. The amazing clients and instructors I have had the pleasure of getting to know!

2. The encouraging, energizing, welcoming, inspiring and positive atmosphere that our clients and instructors create each and every class!

3. It is my go-to workout that I truly crave! I love that there are methods to modify or push yourself harder in every part of class.

4. The physical and mental strength I have achieved from both taking and teaching class!

5. It has become a part of my life! I can’t imagine life without the barre!

-Kristin G.


1. It never gets easy and you will never plateau.  This is a lifelong workout!

2. No other workout has transformed my body like barre has.

3. I never thought I would enjoy working out, let alone LOVE working out! The barre instilled a lifestyle change in me that I am so thankful for.

4. This community isn’t found anywhere else.  Walk in the studio a stranger and leave with a family of goal-crushing, hard-working women.

5. The instructors are fabulous and am lucky to call them my co-workers!  They inspire me during and after every class and are always challenging me to be better than I was last time.

-Jenna C.086 - Version 2.jpg


Want to reach your goals? Don’t worry, be HAPPY!

Whatever your goal may be when coming to the barre – if it’s just to get yourself moving, to lose weight, see a tricep muscle or stand taller – research shows that reaching our fitness goals is not only a physical journey, it’s a psychological one, as well.

We have all heard that a positive attitude is important in our lives – we know that if you can find a way to make yourself happy at work, it will increase your success rate exponentially – and the same is true with your fitness goals! While coming to the barre or just getting yourself moving is the first step, it needs to be within a certain frame of mind:

Reach your fitness goals by being HAPPY!

1. Develop a positive mindset: most people tend to think “I’ll be happy once I reach my goal”, whether it be weight loss or muscle defining…but that attitude is actually getting in the way of reaching your goals. Why? It is telling you that you are not happy right now – and happiness needs to come first!

The good news is that exercise is actually one of the best and quickest ways to improve your mood – so it can be a wonderful cycle for you! As we have discussed, exercise increases the number of endorphins you experience and decreases your cortisol levels (stress hormones). After a great sweat session, you will feel happier already – encouraging you on your path!

2. Choose your words wisely: It’s important to realize how you speak about exercise and dieting – and this can be a great way to “trick” your mind into find happiness and satisfaction with where you are right now – launching you to reach your goals sooner!

If you frame things in a negative way, you’re actually decreases your success rates while doing that task. Rather than focusing on “I hate my love handles” or “I’ll never look like women on the covers of magazines”, focus on the positive: “I felt stronger today at the barre and was able to push a little harder, that’s progress!”, “I feel myself standing taller and prouder”, “Just by coming here I’m already on my way to reaching my goals!” Or when facing your diet decisions, rather than “I can’t have the cheeseburger and fries that I love”, say “I can’t wait to eat this salad!” Verbalizing, even if it makes you feel silly, will help convince your brain.

3. Be mindful when exercising: being mindful of what you are doing can help increase your success rate! Studies have found that meditating or focusing on the muscle you are working can increase the strength you build drastically.

The good news is that you know at the barre, we are always “sending the mind to the muscle” to focus exactly on the movement we are making and the muscle we are working!

4. Fake it ‘til you feel it: When you smile (whether it’s forced or not!), your brain releases dopamine, a chemical which raises your levels of happiness! It may seem silly, but science tells us that it WILL start to make you feel happier!

If you can increase your happiness RIGHT NOW, it will increase your chance at achieving your goals in the future. What better time of year to make this mindful change – being thankful for what you have and those around you certainly can make you smile, not forced 🙂

Thanks to FitSugar TV for the segment and doctors teaching us this wonderful info!

the scoop: what you need to know before your first class

Happy Friday, everyone!!

It is a happy Friday indeed here at the barre, as it’s the last one where our fabulous studio goes it alone: it’s finally ready to be entered for some serious sculpting, toning & burning… and GaGa, of course!
 We get a lot of questions about what to expect and what you need to bring to your first class, so we wanted to take a minute to give you the low-down since classes begin Monday!

Basically, we wanted to make it easy for you: just bring yourself, we’ll provide the rest! Before class you can leave your personal belongings in our lockers and we even have locks & keys, just in case. Grab a towel if you want one (no charge, of course) and leave your shoes in the locker room – no shoes necessary upstairs!

Continue up the stairs to our top level and you will enter our reception & lounge – plan on coming a little early to look around and have some yummy tea or ice water infused with our fruit of the day, and so we can get to know you! You’ll need to fill out our client information form, of course, but we also can’t wait to get to know all of the wonderful people who are as excited about the barre as we are!

For attire, nothing special is necessary (although we did get asked once if leotards are necessary! They’re not by the way…but by all means if you want to go total Black Swan – bring it on!!) – comfort is key, as long as you feel comfortable moving in it, you’ll be good! Try not to wear anything too loose fitting, as we put an emphasis on posture and alignment in our classes, so our instructors need to be able to see your form. Expect a few hands-on adjustments, and just let us know before class if you’d rather not.

Remember – socks are required in our studio! This is the case in all traditional barre studios you will see all around in the country: our special grippy socks really help you keep your positioning through class (plus it’s just more sanitary!). While grippy socks are not required (you can totally wear your own regular athletic socks), we would recommend them because the grips do make a huge difference. Plus, they’re SUPER cute 🙂

Once it’s class time, we’ll provide all of the “equipment”: all you will use is a mat, exercise ball, light hand weights and stretch bands. And the ballet barre, of course! You can bring a water bottle or we have bottled water & iced tea available for purchase; but we do ask that you don’t bring the cups of water into the studio – our floor guys told us our cork floor is so porous (we chose it for that very reason: support, comfort & it holds heat well, easy on the joints!) that it will gulp up any spills…and proceed to buckle! No, thanks!

Class begins: get ready for one hour of YOU time! We’ll move through all of the major muscle groups in the body, burning crazy calories, toning and sculpting – and having FUN doing it! Just listen for modifications or challenges, and remember – we encourage you to take breaks whenever you body tells you to. No need for intimidation – our barre classes are really tough, and we know that – just know that you’ll build your strength incrementally and all you can do is try your hardest: do what you can with what you’ve got! You will grow and progress each week – and that’s the magical part! Soon you will have muscles you never knew you had and be rocking it in class! Although…we do say: class never gets easier, you just get better. Definitely still expect to be getting your butt kicked a few months (we still do a few years in!! but that’s why we love it – you’ll never plateau!)

We absolutely cannot wait to see each and every one of you next week and in the weeks and months that follow – we feel so lucky to have the opportunity to be sharing our passion with our fabulous community of Wayzata.

See you at the barre!

If you didn’t sign up yet, never fear! You can do so here.

Raising the barre: our philosophy

Since we are just a few days from opening (HOORAY!), we thought we’d take just a quick minute to tell you a little more about who we are at the barre, and what we stand for.

Step into our sun-drenched studio with 7 foot mirrors, cork floors, over 70 feet of barres and a brick-framed view of Lake Minnetonka (ahhhh…. no seriously, AHHH! it’s amazing if we do say so ourselves!) and you may not initially notice our closet or what’s in it.

Before class begins, though, and you reach for your 1 lb, 3 lb, maybe even 5 lb weights, you’ll notice something: they’re identical in color – you’ll need to read the marked poundage on them to select your weight. “So what?” you might say…they may just seem like all black weights to you – but to us, they represent much more than that: they were hand selected, like every other touch in our studio, to represent our philosophy.

We are a non-competitive, supportive group exercise environment. There is no space for those group fitness goers who turn class into a competition. You know the type, they check out your weights and grab 1 lb more, they’ll sink their seat one inch lower than you and do one more push-up (these are the same gym goers who peek over your shoulder at your treadmill speed and begin a treadmill race, ugh).

However, at the barre, we have created an environment that you can feel comfortable in – our sole focus ALWAYS will be to help you get exactly what you want out of class: it’s your own personal journey. It doesn’t matter what the person next to you in class is doing, and it shouldn’t matter to them what you are doing – we encourage you to focus on yourself. As such, rather than having weights that are colored by how heavy they are, we chose to have weights of all one color – therefore no one knows if you are pumping iron in class with 2 pounds or 5 pounds (by the way, if you are able to endure our 10 minute upper body series with 5 pound weights – kudos to you!) .
 That’s part of the beauty of the barre – listen throughout class and you will hear modification options and challenges – they’re there for you to take or leave! YOU can adjust class to YOUR level as we go, without affecting anyone around you! It’s the perfect environment to start your growth journey, and push yourself harder each week to incrementally build your strength. Stick with us, and you will soon not believe what you are capable of.

Join us next week in class, and let’s begin our journey together. We want to raise the barre on our standards, and hope to inspire you to reach higher and think bigger – let’s live an extraordinary life! After all, why live ordinary!?

You can sign up for classes and view our schedule here!